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CBD Butter – Make Your Own!

Edibles with CBD are a fantastic idea if you want something more attractive than just a few drops of oil or tincture. Whether you prefer to make your own or get them at your local store – they offer lots of wellness related benefits: from relieving pain to relaxation and calming down. While most of the products on the CBD edible market seem to be snacks – butter and condiments also show a growth in popularity.

What makes it so great?

You can not only use it on bread to add some unique flavour, but also to prepare all sorts of dishes and sweets with it. Plenty of recipes contain butter to help with frying, roasting or even preparing cookie batter. CBD butter can easily replace it, without changing these recipes and giving the dishes lots of wellness related qualities of cannabidiol. Just keep in mind that CBD might retain its original, herbal taste which doesn’t necessarily fit every food under the sun.

Shop Bought CBD Butter

If you’d rather save time, or don’t want to bother with mixing all the ingredients and making your own product – there are some CBD butter varieties available in cannabis stores and some select groceries. Remember to check their labels and ingredient lists to ensure that they’re not some sort of scam, and actually contain CBD with no unnecessary, psychoactive substances like THC.

What Do You Need For Your Homemade Butter

Prefer to take matters into your own hands? Making a butter infused with CBD oil is not that hard. Sure, there are plenty of recipes that make butter out of cannabis plant flowers, but these are often illegal in many states and countries around the world. Making butter this way is also quite time consuming. Sure, you can get certain types of plants that are guaranteed to contain all compounds in their legal amounts, but that might still prove risky.

Photo by Andy Chilton.

Let’s Cook!

So without further ado: what do you need to make your own CBD infused butter? First get 2 cups (that equals about 0,5 kg) of any butter you like, the higher quality the better. Keep in mind that the final product will retain a lot of its taste, so more creamy butters will end up creamy, salty ones will still be salty etc.

Second vital ingredient would be 20 mL of CBD oil of your choice in a concentration you’re interested in. We use the “wide spectrum” oil, but in a case you live in a place where “full spectrum” (meaning “with THC”) is legal and you want it – you can also use it.

Next we’ll need one cup of water and that’s… it! Get a dish: either a saucepan or a pot and put all ingredients inside it. Set up your stove’s heat on low level and keep heating for the next 120 minutes. Don’t forget to stir it delicately from time to time.

When the specified time passes, you can pour everything into some other container, then put it away to cool down and finally: place the whole thing in a refrigerator. When it solidifies it should be ready for eating or cooking! Enjoy!

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