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5 Examples of How Can CBD for Pets Make Your Dog & Cat Healthier

CBD oils and products with them can be spotted in almost every market sector nowadays. Usually, when talking about CBD we mention things made with humans in mind. Some people would be surprised to learn, that one of the biggest markets is CBD for pets. The trend started in early 2010’s and nowadays the amount of food brands and tinctures aimed at our four legged friends is astounding. 

CBD for Pets – Is it Safe?

CBD is a compound found in Cannabis plant, known for its beneficial properties – from anti-inflammatory effects to pain and anxiety relief. 

Don’t mistake it with its cousin THC, which is not only illegal in most places but also has psychoactive elements. This is especially important when it comes to animals. While some humans might get “high” from taking it, THC actually harms animals. 

CBD on the other hand is not only safe for pets but also healthy. Just choose products containing THC free oils.

It’s also worth noting, that CBD should only be used after consulting a veterinarian, when your pet has a healthy liver and isn’t on any other medication.

1. No More Anxiety

Pets feel psychological stress just as strongly as humans do. Many situations can lead to it, but the most common is probably reacting to loud sounds. If you have a dog or a cat, there’s a huge chance you’ve noticed how shocked and panicked your pet gets at some sounds from the street, vacuum cleaners or fireworks. 4th July (in USA) or New Year’s Eve is one of the main reasons for owners to start looking for solutions like CBD. Just take a look at top searches in Google. Many pets also suffer from stress resulting from their daily life situations (like a trip far away or the presence of strangers). 

CBD oils and treats infused with it can make your pet calmer, make it bark and whine less often and feel happier in general, especially in difficult situations.

2. Better Appetite

Low appetite is almost always a bad sign. Especially considering how most pets love to eat. Decreased appetite can come from taking certain medicines, illnesses and stress. When the food intake gets too low, it’s a matter of days until some bigger problems kick in including nausea, losing weight and some life threatening diseases. 

The cannabis plant itself is often associated with increasing appetite. It’s no wonder some specialists have started using CBD in treats for dogs and cats too. Apart from boosting appetite CBD also has a calming effect and many animals refuse to eat because of anxiety. The compound also improves metabolism, which again helps with healthy nutrition.

Photo by R R Medicinals.

3. Pain Relief for Your Pet

Medical CBD, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, is prescribed for patients with cases of strong, chronic pain and other medical condition like that. Similar effects can be achieved when feeding it to animals. If your pet is struggling with pain due to disease or after some sort of surgery, CBD based products might be the way to go. Keep in mind, that mixing CBD oil with medicines might pose some danger to their liver and should first be consulted with your vet to make sure you can add it.

4. Arthritis and Other Aging Related Diseases

Damages resulting from old age of your pet can also be treated with CBD. The pain relieving effect mentioned above is especially vital here. Older dogs can develop osteoarthritis, that impairs their body movement and makes them less active because of constant pain. This also leads to gaining unnecessary weight. Relieving pain with CBD oil treats can make your pupil feel few years younger and much more active than before.

5. Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Cancer is among the most dangerous diseases that can be deadly to humans as well as animals. Various types make it difficult to treat and most treatments are very hard on one’s body. While CBD is by no means a cancer cure, it can make the symptoms more bearable, slow the disease progress or even prevent it. 

We’ve already mentioned pain relieving effects of CBD oil, and these are very helpful, as the disease is almost always the source of huge pain. 

Cancer itself is related to unnatural cell growth and this very effect can be slowed or stopped with the use of CBD. The compound can also affect seizures that happen when a pet is suffering from cancer – make them shorter and less common.

CBD products can be a huge help when your pet is suffering both mentally and physically. If your vet gives it an OK, it should help with making your dog or cat healthier in a natural way. 

Pet owners: remember to check what’s the legal status of CBD in your area as it differs between states and countries.

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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