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Can You Use Products With CBD For Sex?

Can you use CBD for sex? Sexual life is one of the most important aspects of our wellbeing. If it doesn’t go the way it should – we may enjoy our days less, fall into bad mood, get frustrated and simply miss out on of the biggest joys that our nature has to offer. Sadly, due to stress and dozens of random reasons, many people struggle with having satisfying sex and can’t seem to enjoy it to the fullest.

CBD is a non-psychoactive and safe compound, unlike its cousin THC. CBD can’t get you high but has a wide variety of wellness beneficial effects. Considering how many sex-related CBD products are there on the market, trying some of them out might be a good idea. Especially if you feel your love life is in a need of some new spice. 

Unwind and Enjoy the Moment

Sex related anxiety is neither rare nor strange. With the way modern media portrays perfect human body, many people worry if their partner will accept them as they are and won’t mind their looks. Same goes for their performance anxiety , which is among the top reasons for why people might refrain from having sex with their perfect partner. The vision of disappointing the other person is strong and oftentimes devastating. 

Many relaxants (alcohol, some anti-anxiety drugs) have annoying side effects like erection problems and decreased libido. Products with CBD for sex are a promising alternative here. The research data from the experts isn’t too abundant but early results show that these side effects shouldn’t happen. 

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CBD is well known for being a relaxant and is had been used for these benefits for millenia. Taking some CBD gummies, chocolate or a drink infused with the compound should ease your mind and take unnecessary thoughts away while letting you focus on pure pleasure, sensation and joy.

The Power of CBD Aphrodisiacs

Natural aphrodisiacs are great if you want an additional spark of excitement and horniness in your bedroom. From classics like oysters, bananas to ginseng – known for boosting your desire as well as the amount of pleasure you feel. Recently CBD products are getting increasingly popular for their aphrodisiac qualities too, which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering how cannabis increases sexual drive for many people.

There are plenty of options with CBD. For example: you can choose a CBD infused lotion, great for sensual massages and upping your foreplay game. Some CBD edibles taken right before lovemaking can also enhance sexual pleasure including achieving stronger orgasms. The suggested time is around 60 minutes before having sex.

Proper Lubrication With CBD For Sex

Lubes can be a fantastic optional addition to your sex life. They can not only make you feel more during sex but also improve tightness of the vagina and the ability to last longer, should you ever want to. Plenty of lubes with CBD for sex not only help with having good experiences in bed, but also come in a variety of flavours, which will spice up your love life by a lot. 

Apart from the vaginal lube, many producers have also introduced an anal variant. The anti-inflammatory and ani-pain qualities of the compound are a great bonus here and make sex more pleasurable and smooth.

No More Pain

There’s another benefit, and it’s especially wonderful for people suffering from various diseases, injuries or overly high sensitivity to pain. As CBD is a natural painkiller, it allows you to have sex even in your condition is not perfect. Also, many people experience pain during sex despite not suffering from any specific illness. Thanks to CBD they are able to properly enjoy sex and stop worrying that it could be a painful experience rather than an exciting one.

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Stay Safer

As expected, CBD oil products also exist in the condom category. They’re not as numerous as in others, but we’re seeing at least a few producers giving them a chance. While the basic functionality related to protection remains the same, companies claim that you can also feel more and improve the levels of pleasure experienced in general. 


In the end, even though the sex related CBD product market is still growing, and some months / years might have to pass before all legislation matters get straightened out – CBD’s benefits for your healthy sex life can’t be dismissed. If the products are legal and available in your area, they’re certainly worth giving them a shot. And if you’re ever in doubt: just ask your friendly sexologist.

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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