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CBD Food & Drinks

CBD Drinks – From Teas to Beer and Wine

Sodas, coffee and a variety of refreshing drinks are one of the most popular ways to consume CBD nowadays. No matter if it’s a restaurant, your nearby cafe, a grocery or a special cannabis goods shop – if you live Canada, certain parts of Europe and several states of the USA – you’re bound to find some CBD drinkables when shopping or ordering food.

Why are they so popular and why do people consume them? What types of drinks can be found on the market? Let’s check out. But first…

CBD – What It Is and Can it Taken Legally

CBD as an acronym for Cannabidiol, one of several hundreds of compounds found in Cannabis plants. Contrary to THC – it can’t get you “high” as it lacks psychoactive properties. 

As for the legality aspect, FDA allow products with less than 0,3% CBD on a federal level. Higher amounts and products with THC are allowed only in states with recreational marijuana legalized. Same with countries like Spain or Uruguay that have less strict law regarding this field. In general: research what’s the legal status of CBD in your area and check with doctor when having any doubts.

Now on to main topic.

Why Use CBD Drinks?

The compound has a wide variety of effects that have impact on people’s wellness. CBD in drinks is used mostly to relax in stressful situations, or just chill after an intensive day. Some drink them to counter various types of anxiety like fear of public speaking. Other health benefits include pain relief and inflammation reduction

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Most products are advertised as an opposition to energy drinks – beverages that instead of making you concentrated and less sleepy, make you relaxed and help with falling into calm, nightlong slumber.

CBS Sodas

The most popular CBD drinks are without doubt: canned soda and sparkling water. They come in plenty of shapes and taste variations. 

Soda is the product you’ll hear about the most often when it comes CBD drinkables. These range from mineral watery drinks to colorful sodas with every flavor imaginable: pomegranate, ginger or (my favourite) melon. When you prefer something sounding more natural, many companies have whole ranges of CBD infused ice teas. 

How About a Cup of…

More classic drinks start with CBD tea – both canned and sparkling as well as more typical one sold in tea bags. Hot CBD beverages sipped straight before bed can become a great way to get rid of stress and fall asleep like a baby. These teas often include other relaxing ingredients like chamomile and lemon balm.

Kombucha is another popular tea based drink. Invented 2 thousand years ago in East Asia, it merges carbonated beverages with tea and is known to be healthy and rich in minerals. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a special CBD version was already invented and can be bought in stores. 

Coffee is also among the top most ordered CBD items in menus. Plenty of cafes offer special latte, flavored coffee and you can get canned iced coffee in stores.

Alcoholic CBD Drinks

Finally: how about alcoholic drinks infused with CBD? Do they exist? 

They do. Alcohol is well known for its relaxing effect when used in moderation and not too often. This pairs well with the effects of CBD oil. 

Cocktails are what comes to mind first here. You can order them in some bars or prepare one yourself. The CBD tincture will be quite likely an ingredient here. Certain countries, like the UK have introduced their brands of CBD beer. There are also many varieties of wine with the popular ingredient.

Alcoholic drinks like this can be relaxing, just remember to control how much you’re drinking.

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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