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CBD Tinctures – What Are They and How to Take Them

Tinctures keep occupying top spots on the CBD product popularity rankings. They’re what comes to mind instantly, when talking about the compound. Small bottles of liquid topped with a dropper are a staple of most if not all stores with CBD products. 

What Are Tinctures

Wondering what exactly can you find in these tiny containers with CBD on their labels? Tinctures are how we call liquids created by dissolving various things (usually plants with medicinal properties) in alcohol. In this case, the liquid is made from chopped cannabis and ethanol. The mix is usually heated, which makes the hemp extract CBD, while lots of unwanted alcohol evaporates. Additionally: the substance becomes easier to swallow and less “burning” to your throat.

CBD Tinctures, like we’ve already mentioned, come in tiny 15-30 ml bottles. Dropper at the end allows for easier administration and dosing. Tinctures are available in both unflavored as well as flavored variants. Most common include orange, coconut and vanilla.

Why Use CBD Tinctures

Outside of treating medical conditions like epilepsy, CBD is most commonly used as a relaxant. It has anti-anxiety qualities, helps with falling asleep, reduces inflammation and may prove some further benefits to human health. Caliming that it can prevent any disease are overblown but it was proven by studies that hemp oil can be beneficial in treating pain

Tinctures with CBD don’t take up much space, are easy to administer and work really fast comparing to drinks and edibles with cannabidiol so plenty of people love this way of taking CBD the most.

How to Use Them

Tinctures are generally supposed to be taken sublingually. Users need to pour their suggested dose under their tongues and wait for it to take effect. Dosage always depends on the individual – his or her weight, age and other factors. It’s important to be careful and contact a doctor before trying it out.

Additionally, you can also mix tinctures with other food. Few drops in your morning tea or some dish you eat for your lunch should do the trick. Just remember that the  flavored ones might taste good only with certain foods. It’s also possible to use them when baking cakes and preparing homemade sweets.

Reminder: be sure to check the legal status of CBD in your state/country. So far the recreational use of cannabis in the US was allowed in Alabama, California, Colorado, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont and Washington. On the fedral level selling these products is still awaiting to be evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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