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CBD Cosmetics – From Mascaras to Sleep Masks

If you’re up do date with beauty products, skincare and cosmetics markets in general – then I bet you already think about CBD oil when hearing anything about these or when doing your shopping.

CBD Cosmetics

If you haven’t heard about these: they’re the latest trend and plenty of people from countries all over the world are fascinated by them. CBD oil made from cannabis plant works in plenty of ways, but the beauty industry might have the biggest interest in it. There are thousands if not more products to treat your skin, help with acne, reduce redness, help with inflammation and many other skin conditions. 

We already wrote about essential cbd skincare products in this article, so today we’ll take look at  more creative products used for make-up and relaxation.

CBD Mascaras Storm The Market

If you live in a state or country where CBD cosmetics are fully allowed – you can find the CBD variant of almost every mascara available. Even international giant corporations like Sephora are adding them to their catalogues.

Using these provides you with a product that has its original formula enriched with anti-inflammatory and nourishing CBD. Apart from making your eyelashes look longer and more stunning, they also get conditioned, more durable and healthy. This will prove amazing if you want to revitalize your eyelashes or just provide them with additional care.

Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t enjoy a warm, relaxing bath that removes the tension from every muscle of you body and gets you in the bubbly mood. Bath bombs are great for enhancing your bathtub experiences, especially when they contain additional healthy ingredients. 

Bath bombs and other CBD cosmetics have additional pain relieving effect, that works great when you have sore muscles, for example after a training at your gym. It also relaxes your body when you’ve spend your whole day sitting in one position or traveling. 

Photo by Luka Davitadze.

Lip Balms with CBD

Additional lip protection is vital, especially during colder months, when your skin is most likely to get overly dry and get damaged by cold. Lip balms in general help with protecting your lips, making them more hydrated and and resistant to conditions like sun. 

Lip balms with CBD is stronger and more effective, especially if you experience lip damage like chapping. The time to regenerate is much faster here. CBD also has some unique health qualities that relieve pain, so if your lips hurt – you will feel miles better after applying it.

Sleep Masks

Beauty sleep masks usually contain various ingredients related to helping the skin on your face, relaxing your eyes and eyelids as well as simply making falling asleep easier. They usually come in the form of creams, although there are some literal “sleeping masks” available too. Most masks have plenty of herbal ingredients mixed together to create a healthy mixture. They also hydrate, lighten and clean the skin, which is possible thanks to applying them for a longer, overnight period before washing it off.

Sleeping masks with CBD, like all products mentioned before, have anti inflammation and antioxidant properties which lead to general wellness of your skin. It also provides additional relaxation, so it will be even easier to fall into a sound sleep, with the mask on doing its job in the meantime.

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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