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CBD in Sports – Improve Your Workouts

Pain, inflammation and feeling tired are an inseparable elements of any sport and physical activity – both on professional and casual levels. When our bodies strive to achieve more, to make muscles grow or to burn some calories – they’re constantly under stress and as the time goes by: get tired and might get damaged. 

Because of the above many athletes and people who do sport in general try various painkilling drugs, which often lead to additional damage and health risks. Ibuprofen for example may increase the risk of a stroke and other heart conditions if taken on a regular basis. Because of that the entire sports industry is looking towards alternative solutions. And one of them is called cannabidiol or in short: CBD.

CBD in Sports – Legality

Can you use CBD in sports? The answer is short here: yes. At least since World Anti-Doping Agency has removed CBD from its list of prohibited substances. All cannabis compounds are banned above some very minimal amounts (150 ng/mL urinary threshold for THC), which makes CBD an exception and confirms its safety for health.

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We know you can use CBD in sports and physical activities like fitness but… should you? The answer is again positive. Here’s why.

Natural Painkilling Solution

Pain is usually unavoidable in sports – whether it’s the regular muscle ache after exercise or one resulting from some more or less serious injury. Apart from the unpleasant feeling, constant soreness might be discouraging from the activity and dangerous for any more or less professional athlete.

One of the benefits that made CBD in sports so popular is the way how it can treat pain. Muscle soreness for example usually results from tissue damage experienced after weight training or many different types of sport (which leads to muscle growth). As CBD has heavy anti-inflammatory properties, it eases the inflammation in the muscles and leads to smaller ache experienced post and during your training. 

Photo by Alora Griffiths.

Improved Regeneration

Muscle soreness leads to another important topic: the post workout regeneration. Relieving pain is one thing, but your body needs to go back to normal and get ready for reaching new heights and and improving performance in sport and fitness. Using products with CBD in sports, again thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties, hastens the regeneration phase both when in comes to the soreness and overall mobility.

Resting to Reset

Resting after workouts is as important as actual sport exercise. Sleeping helps muscles recover and keeps your brain sane. According to experts sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is vital when it comes to muscle regeneration and feeling fully rested on the following day. Tissue gets repaired thanks to proteins in your body and the nighttime production of growth hormone. 

Where does CBD fit into here? Well, CBD tinctures and oil happen to be one of the best solutions for healthy sleep. Sure, a good workout makes many people tired and wishing for a good rest, but we often get too energetic and might have problems falling asleep. CBD can make this feeling go away, make you feel relaxed and ready to snooze. Just for another morning gym session, a visit to a fitness club or some good old swimming.

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