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10 CBD Oil Benefits

Benefits of CBD are praised more often, and hundreds of studies are now undergoing. Many claim that cannabidiol (because that’s where the abbreviation comes from) works for treating anxiety, sleep disorders, relieves pain. The qualities of CBD are widely known in treading seizures and multiple sclerosis.  CBD oil and products that contain it keep flying off the shelves in Canada, some European countries and in plenty of states of USA.

Cannabis itself has a different legal status around the world. Some countries are allowing the medical use of it, others let people use it recreationally and there are also few (like Canada) where it’s fully legal and decriminalized. World trends are moving towards allowing the usage, but each country goes through a long legalization process, before government fully agrees to it.

But what exactly is cannabidiol and what can it help you with? What are the health benefits of CBD?

What is CBD Exactly?

Well, for sure, it’s not a „drug that makes you high”. Most common misconception has a lot to do with cannabis and its reputation, that changed a lot through the years. In ancient times people cultivated sativa plants in nearly every place in the world. It was popular for its healing qualities and many others. As time passed many countries criminalized it, often for a variety of racism related motivations. Now, many decades since then, we’re seeing the renaissance of cannabis and plenty of legalization attempts.

CBD is one of the substances found in cannabis plants among over 400 others. Another popular  one is THC, which has lot to do with CBD’s untrue reputation. What’s wrong with THC? First of all it has a psychoactive effect on the user, which pretty much makes is a drug that people become “high” from. It also has some powerful effects on the users, might be hard to tolerate by liver and harmful to pets. CBD on the other hand has none of these. Certain variations of cannabis plant contains nearly no THC and it can be further removed during the production process. And no, CBD won’t make anyone high or addicted. In fact some studies show, that it can be used in helping people move away from their addiction. What other benefits of cbd can be observed?

1. Less Anxiety

CBD’s reputation as an anti-anxiety substance in among often mentioned as a reason for taking it. Cannabis is already known as something that calms people down, so anti-anxiety effect is what many expect from the products with CBD oils.

Considering how many people suffer from everyday anxiety nowadays, it’s not a surprise that they’d search for anything that can help them feel normally. Some studies mention, that nearly one fifth of Earth population is experiencing various form of anxiety: from neurosis and depression to PTSD. Even the most common everyday situations are often affected by anxiety: from trying to be assertive at work to speaking your own in front of other for professional and family occasions. 

How does CBD help here? The substance has some similarities with SSRI medications and increases the serotonin levels in your body. The research is still being conducted, but more and more works prove, that CBD might be quite an effective diet supplement to treat anxiety and its results. 

A certain study from 2011 is often cited as a proof. Researchers had groups of people do public speeches. One group took a small dose of CBD before speaking, others had either a a dose of placebo. As it turns out: the group with the actual CBD had visible improvement in the terms of anxiety, while speaking.

2. Sleeping Well

Problems with getting a proper sleep are often associated with anxiety. In the modern world. it’s getting harder and harder to get a good night’s sleep. Stressful life and tons of impulses make healthy resting almost an achievement. Majority of people don’t sleep nowhere near the suggested amount of hours and at least 30% suffer from actual insomnia.

How can CBD help all of the above? First of all: by relieving anxiety. Feeling nervous and obsessing about various pasta and future events is what makes many people unable to fall asleep. Thanks to anti-anxiety effects observed in CBD products, you can take your mind off things that upset you and finally relax. The anti-pain effect of CBD is also helpful when patients experience chronic pain. 

Sleep aid diet supplements that make us of CBD include: special melatonin tablets with CBD mixed in, relaxing vapes, tinctures and the recently popular gummies.

3. Pain Relief

CBD is also well known as an anti-inflammation drug and a pain-killer. There are many studies being performed right now, but reports mention that CBD can work in diseases like arthritis or cancer and lessen the pain by lot. That includes chronic pain, which is among the top causes for taking the substance.

The amount of studies still needs to rise before CBD gets used on a bigger scale to treat pain. So far researchers have focused on using it with THC, and when we want to be sure about medications based on CBD only, few years might still need to pass. Early research on animals though seems to be positive.

So far, topical (directly applied) treatments seem to be more effective than the oral ones. Currently Epidiolex is the only medicine without THC approved for medical use by FDA. 

4. Better Complexion

Photo by Christin Hume

Beauty products containing CBD are visible everywhere in the countries that have legalized the substance. The reason? Anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD help you take care of your skin and make it healthier. It can work wonders when it comes to overcoming conditions like acne. CBD is also helpful when you want to make your skin less dry and can help with making your skin feel younger thanks to its anti-aging properties. In countries like Canada and some states in the US beauty shops are flooded with CBD variants of nearly every product available there. The range of products is insane: balms, lotions, soaps, moisturizers, mascaras, tinctures that improve skin health and look, shampoos, face oils, eye serums, skin cleansers and many more.

5. Improved Food

Since the benefits of CBD are becoming more widely known among general public, it’s no wonder that some people have decided to use it as a cooking ingredient. Considering, that the substance has a very unique, slightly herbal and bitter taste, this was certainly a challenge. According to professional cooks and some recent studies: it’s good to use fatty foods along with CBD as they help your organism in absorbing it properly. 

Sweets are probably the most popular CBD dish since the dawn of time. They’re followed by a variety of teas and sodas, some of which are sold at retailers in Canada and some parts of US. Less sugary foods include pizzas, guacamoles, pastas, butter, smoothies – there’s a huge variety of products available. Just remember, that when you’re preparing a dish of your own: CBD should be heated and used for frying as it loses some of its vital properties.

6. Might Help With Cancer

Cancer is a serious disease, that claims many lives every year. While the methods of treating it keep increasing, it still remains one of the most deadly diseases of our time. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that when CBD got popular, the idea to use it in fighting cancer was one of the earliest.

First of all: the pain killing effect comes to mind. Many patients suffering from various forms of cancer have to deal with unbearable amounts of pain. CBD is one of the ways, that can make them suffer less. 

Cancer and chemotherapy often make patients less hungry. Many lose their appetite completely and have problems when asked to eat virtually anything. Since CBD has an appetite improving effect in can help with that. Same with nausea, often happening after chemotherapy treatments. 

7. Treating Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Like cancer, multiple sclerosis is another condition that claims many lives in the recent years. It comes in many forms and shapes with different effects on various people. Pain, muscle spasms, neverending dizziness and fatigue – are some of the most popular. 

Relieving pain of course is the most obvious use here, but others include reducing muscle spasticity, improving mobility and some further conditions. Currently research is being conducted to determine whether CBD can also help in recovering from Multiple Sclerosis, but there’s a long way ahead, until anything of substance gets finally proven.

8. Better Heart and Blood Pressure

Heart is another organ, that could benefit from CBD if the research available nowadays, would get proven further. Some expected effects include lowering the blood pressure and heart rate to safe levels. 

CBD seems to lessen the level of stress that people feel. Since stress is a common reason for tons of heart diseases (like strokes), lowering it makes CBD indirectly responsible. The prevention can also be improved, as the substance can lower the damage to tissues caused by stroke.

9. Overcoming Addictions

Contrary to its psychoactive friend THC, CBD can actually be used to treat certain addictions, which sounds good since it’s not possible to get addicted to CBD.

According to studies, people who were addicted to opiates (like heroin) have noticed much smaller drug cravings and their withdrawal symptoms and usual anxiety were  much smaller. Similar effect was also observed on patients with alcohol addiction.

10. Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that people of all ages suffer from. It comes with tons of symptoms that keep on being very difficult to endure. From pain and hunger to problems with urinating. 

CBD seems to be useful on at least some of the annoying symptoms – in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes as well as prevention. It decreases pain and inflammation in a noticeable way.


The benefits of cbd on a large number of different conditions are obvious, but a majority of these still need to be given more attention and much more studies. Especially when it comes to more complicated conditions and situations where it could interact with other medications. If you ever consider staring using CBD remember to contact a doctor and check the legal status in your country or state.

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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