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CBD Sweets – What Are They And Which to Get

Who doesn’t like sweets? You might have your favourite varieties or brands, but I’m sure there’s one type of sugary goodness you enjoy more than others. Candy, cookies, gummies or cakes baked by your own grandma. They brighten our meals and work as a great addition to morning coffee. Sure: desserts need to be taken in moderation, but unless you eat nothing but them for days: you should be fine. What about CBD sweets?

Why Are CBD Sweets Worth Trying?

CBD sweets are rather new. Sure, the popularity of homemade cookies with cannabis is decades old, but proper products with CBD oil isolate and no other cannabis substances included are a thing of the past few years. Why differentiate between these substances?  

CBD might come from cannabis plant but it’s actually just one compound out of many appearing in it. Contrary to THC, it is not psychoactive and has plenty of healthy effects on your body.  Both mental (anti-anxiety, healing the post traumatic stress disorder) and physical (reducing pain and inflammation). CBD is nowadays considered safe and keeps becoming legal in more countries and states. 

How Are They Made

Edibles based on CBD usually contain oil extracted from cannabis hemp. Baked goods like cookies and cakes just use it during the process of baking, instead of other fats. More processed treats in the form of gummies or chewing gum have it added during manufacturing and mixing processes.

Additionally: some extra work is required to hide the original taste of CBD which is usually pretty herbal and earthy, and many people might dislike it. Especially when it comes to foods that are supposed to be their delicious guilty pleasure. 

As the edibles market grows, more producers keep introducing solutions to cover said taste and it’s going pretty great so far. It can be “coated” by pretty much every flavor imaginable, although some confectioners and chefs in cafes prefer to add things that play on CBD’s original taste – e.g. cinnamon or dark chocolate.

What About Sugar?

What about sugar included in CBD confectionery products? Do they contain it? That often depends on the manufacturer – some use it, some prefer less dangerous types of sugars (like fructose), while others replace it with other ingredients. Remember to read to label and look for sugars or artificial sweeteners you can (or want to) eat. Nowadays though, most gummies and sweets with CBD are vegan and contain primarily natural, healthy sugars.

CBD Gummies and  Others Treats – Which to Get?

So if you want to try having some CBD sweets: what edibles should you search for? Does your favourite munchable treat exist on the cannabidiol market already? 

If you like gummy bears – there’s plenty of choices offered by major producers of food and health products. One of the best things about them is that you can snack on them anytime, without worrying about people noticing you’re taking CBD. Not like there’s anything wrong with CBD, but some dated cannabis related stereotypes are alive to this day and not every person feels comfortable being associated with them. Gummies, shaped like cute little animals, look just like another candy but have the same effect as other CBD products like say, tinctures. They’re also easy to dose, due to their small size.

Candy is also available in many varieties: from fruit flavored to more milky ones. Same with chocolate and products made from it like bonbons or pralines. If you prefer something more handmade – plenty of cafes love to add CBD products to their menu: cakes, cookies, brownies or fudge.

All types mentioned in the article work, but the amount of CBD inside each varies. Remember to check it before buying or ask the vendor about details. You should always stick to your suggested dose. Especially when it’s your first experience with CBD.

Can I Get CBD Sweets  Legally?

CBD, be it gummies or other food is becoming legally available in more and more places. While it’s effects are still being evaluated by the FDA, you can get the THC free variety in most of the US (as THC is prohibited by law in all but 11 states). 

If you have any questions about CBD, health or want to be sure that you can take it safely : remember to consult with a physician. 

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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