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CBD For Weight Loss – How Can It Help You

Losing weight is often among the top priorities of modern humans. We sit a lot, have little time to exercise, our diets are often far from perfect. And it’s hard to control reality, even if you want to eat healthy, high quality food is becoming more scarce, expensive and so does the amount of our free time. The market for various weight loss related diet supplements is colossal. And despite that, a major part of it consists of products that barely do anything or can even be harmful.

When it comes to supplements with CBD for weight loss, the final verdict still has to pass, but according to some animal studies, there’s lot of potential here. And some users are also reporting pretty interesting observations. Let’s look into what we know.

Controlling Appetite

There is evidence that CBD can affect our appetite. Although according to some stereotypes associated with cannabis, some may believe that it actually makes you hungry, but studies on rats and testimonies of some users seem to show quite the opposite tendency.

The misconception seems to come from the well-known effects of THC, which is a completely different substance than CBD. They just come from the same plant, but CBD sold legally in most of the world is derived of THC or has miniscule amounts below 0,3%. THC does make you crave and feel the so called “munchies” but CBD again- does not and more and more is pointing that it can help with actually controlling appetite.

Additionally: CBD relieves pain and can help with anxiety – both of which may result in overeating due to increased stress.

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CBD for Weight Loss and Getting Rid of Fat

Another feat of CBD that might be priceless while working on losing your weight is its ability to aid burning fat. It’s supposed to break it down and make it easier to get rid of. CBD can turn white fat into brown one and the former is related to diseases like diabetes. Brown fat on the other hand might be easier to burn and is preferred in general. Thanks to CBD the brown to white ratio present in human organism can increase.

CBD and Your Metabolism

Metabolism is a vital process taking place in our organisms. It’s responsible for converting food into energy, specific macronutrients and plenty of other things we couldn’t function without. The more effectively it works, the bigger our chance of maintaining a proper body weight and keeping it lower.

A certain type of receptors, that we might have too much of when our weight is above the ideal one, is called CB1. These lead to difficulties with metabolism. Thanks to CBD though, CB1 receptors can be stopped and your body should process all the food in a much healthier way with decreased chances for obesity.

As a conclusion: CBD can be used to help with weight loss and it seems to be effective in various areas related to this process. Studies on the matter, especially the human ones are still undergoing and we might have to wait a while to get proper results. If you’re considering trying to use CBD in your weight loss process, you should consult your physician and ask for advice. And remember: CBD won’t make you lose weight by itself, but could be a great help and boost what you’re achieving through exercise and diet.

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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