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5 Most Awesome CBD Snacks

The amount of food products containing broad spectrum CBD oil keeps increasing. While tinctures still seem to be the most popular, a noticeable number of people doesn’t want to use them. Why? While CBD and cannabis plants in general are more accepted nowadays, they still carry a stigma. Taking few drops while out with friends or during work hours, might make some people notice, make comments or assume something silly based on dated cannabis stereotypes.

CBD Snacks

Luckily, with hundreds of new products come some new options. CBD products became available in the form of cosmetics, drinks and snacks. The latter are becoming one of the favourite ways of using it. They look like regular sweets, usually taste the same, are tiny and come in a variety of flavors – from sweet to salty. 

What CBD snacks and sweets are available on the market? What to look for? What are the most original ideas? Time to delve into today’s topic.

Reminder: don’t expect to get any sort of psychoactive effects here. CBD oil, namely the „broad spectrum” one despite coming from cannabis hemp plant, has no psychoactive properties and is used because of its anti anxiety, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. CBD hemp extract is legal in certain states and countries, but remember to check the laws in your area before trying it out.

CBD Gummies

Gummies are probably number one when it comes to CBD snack trends recently. They’re tiny, fruity and good for chewing. Packing a few with your lunch shouldn’t be a problem and they’re also rather low in calories and come in vegan variants. The amount of CBD inside is usually up to 30mg. That’s not a lot, but perfect for taking your optimal dose and snacking for a while. There are some additional varieties with extra ingredients (like sleep aiding melatonin) available for additional effect. 

Most gummies come in the shape of classic and beloved bears, but fans of gummy worms and corn syrup fruit chews should also be able to find their favourites and enjoy their healthy benefits.

CBD Chocolate

One of the oldest treats known to humanity was bound to get a CBD infused variant – and it did. There are dozens of brands offering their bars, usually in different flavors – dark, coconut, fruit – whatever makes your mouth water. You can get classic, flat chocolate bars, which are easy to divide into squares so you can meet your perfect dosage. These go from 60mg of CBD up to over 150. Other chocolate treats with cannabidiol include pralines, bonbons and candy.

CBD Cookies

CBD cookies are often homemade, mostly because of how easy are they to prepare, but sweets producers have also brought their branded munchables to the stores. Packages tend to contain 2 to 4 round cookies, each with about 100 mg of cannabidiol. If you prefer cooking your own treats: just use CBD tincture or get a pack of special CBD cookie dough.

Natural Snacks With CBD

If haven’t fallen in love with chocolate and gummies, you may enjoy a more natural sorts of munchables. Recently even this snack type is going through a CBD products renaissance. First come the healthy nut based products: roasted nuts and peanut butter – which can be used for cooking or making PB&Js. There’s also CBD sprinkled popcorn available. Bags are on the smaller side and you can’t buy it in cinemas (yet), but if  you’re craving some salt flavored corn delicacy – it’s there for you. Other natural snacks include dry fruits: from mango and pineapple to kiwi chunks. Finally: some companies have started offering CBD infused honey.

Coming Soon: CBD Ice Cream

There seems to be an infinite number of CBD product ideas in the food industry nowadays. No matter what snack do you think of: there’s probably a variant of it that got infused with cannabidiol. While hiding the herbal taste of cannabis is a challenge, producers seem to deal with it nicely.

What other snacks can we expect to join the CBD food family in the near future? Ice cream are certainly a possibility. There aren’t too many of them on the market, as huge portion of cannabidiol products are sold online, and that is certainly working against ice cream. Smaller producers don’t want to bother with shipping frozen desserts and big players keep waiting for changes in law.

If CBD gets legalized on the federal level by Food and Drug Administration, we’ll see cold delicacies by biggest companies in the industry hit the shelves within months. In fact: some of the major producers have already announced that they’re ready as soon as the legal status of CBD or hemp plant in general changes countrywide.

VERDLA doesn’t provide medical advice and our articles shouldn’t be treated as such. The content on VERDLA is created for informational purposes only. More about it here.

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