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Disclaimer – Health and CBD Information

If you’re looking for medical advice or guidance, please contact your medical specialist as soon as possible.  

VERDLA is a website dedicated to publishing news and articles, but we don’t offer medical advice

Our content is written for information purposes only. Reading articles won’t replace a visit at the specialist and in case of any health or mental conditions, you should contact a doctor immediately. Same with trying products you haven’t used before like cosmetics or food. 

CBD still needs more research on humans, so consult a medical professional if you’re considering trying it. 


It’s also extremely important to check if CBD is legal in your area and country. The amount of THC in a product is usually a decisive factor when it comes to legality. Anything below 0,2-0,3% is usually allowed unless the law states otherwise. Remember to check how it works where you live before getting it.

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